SAM Launching Gift, 100 million SAM&30ETH !   SAM Launch Time

【 First Event: 100 million SAM Airdrop Reward】

Time: 2019.07.11 15:00 - 2019.08.28 15:00(UTC+8)


1. During the event, a snapshot of the users' asset who holding 1SAM or more will be held at asset snapshot time. There are 4 times airdrop, schedule of airdrop:


2. The event is expected to be divided into four times, and the total airdrop award is 100 million SAM, which is on a first-come, first-served basis in the order of eligible users.

3. To get the airdrop bonus for each time, you need to satisfy both the asset snapshot and prohibit any sale. During the event, the user has a sale behavior and will not be able to receive the next airdrop reward.

For example, User A purchased a total of 10,000 SAM during the period from July 11 to July 19 and sold 5000SAM on July 30. User A can only receive the first two rounds of airdrop rewards, and cannot participate in the third. But can participate fourth airdrops if user A buys SAM again during the fourth period. If user A buys 10000SAM,the fourth airdrop reward: (10000-5000+10000)*1.2=18000SAM.

4. Users can participate in multiple airdrops, and the rewards for each airdrop can be used together as the assets of the next airdrop.

For example, User B purchased a total of 10,000 SAM from July 11 to July 19 and held it during the event. User B can get the first airdrop reward:10000 SAM. Now he has a total of 20000 SAM. The second airdrop reward: 20000 SAM*0.6=12000 SAM; The third airdrop reward: 32000 SAM*0.6=19200 SAM; the fourth airdrop reward: 51200 SAM*1.2=61440 SAM. Totally available: 10000+12000+19200+61440=102640 SAM.

5. When the airdrop ends, the SAM team will be announced a special airdrop scheduled right away. Interested users can go to the SAM website to find out more. SAM official website:

6. Each round of airdrop awards will be issued within 7 working days after the snapshot.

7. BitZ reserves the right to interpret activities and to handle the cheating behavior of participating users.

【 Second Event:First-day trading volume reaches 2ETH, and you will have a chance to get 3 ETH reward 】

Time: 2019.07.12 15:00 - 2019.07.13 15:00(UTC+8)


1. During the event, the top 10 users with the SAM transaction volume of 2 ETH and above(buy + sell, excluding self-selling and other abnormal behaviors) will receive 3 ETH rewards on a first-come, first-served basis!

2. The award will be distributed within 7 working days after the event.

3. BitZ reserves the right to interpret activities and to handle the cheating behavior of participating users.

About Six farm(SAM)

SAM serves as a tool for long-term evaluation of the company's vision and current value. To preserve the value of the company, 62% of the issuance is owned by the company and distributed as our business expands. 400,000,000 SAM is currently available in Uzbekistan in comparison with greenhouses and production volume. As food production expands, it will be distributed in addition to the size of the business. It will be partly supplied to users and preserves their value.

SAM is also used as a solution to the complex structure of trade remittances. It is responsible for financing projects conducted by SAM through alliances with countries and local exchanges, and also serves as easy and quick currency to convertibility. 

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July 9, 2019

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