Aviation has become an irreplaceable part of our life and work, and, more importantly, it makes us have more time with his family, there are more than 100000 flights a day worldwide production, in the service of 2 m letters people. While the plane is considered to be one of the safest means of transportation, but the number of accidents associated with air is about 3302 times per year on average human factors is one of the biggest reasons.

Aeron's goal is to make flying safer with the latest embedded technology. It will eliminate the possibility of data loss, distortion or falsification of important logs, thereby significantly reducing the risk of fatal accidents. Information should be transparent and open to the authorities to improve security. And if any data source, data does not match between the pilot or operators, aviation authorities can quickly detect and solve the problem, the aviation authorities can also detect all use expired license pilots.

Official website:https://aeron.aero/