Reg the Bit-Z,You will get a free online bitcoin wallet. You do not need to install any applications to use. If you already have an account, skip to the next step.


Go to the home page and fill in the search box in the form to find the amount you want to buy in your currency, your location, and then choose the payment method. If you are not sure how to pay, you can choose "all online quotes" as payment. The site will list bitcoin traders in your region.


From the order list, a trader with good reputation and a large number of transaction records. The response time indicator shows whether the trader is online. You can click the "buy" button to see more information about the order.


After you press the "buy" button, you will see more information about the order, including the terms of the transaction. Please read the information carefully before submitting the transaction request. If you dont agree, you can return to the first page and another order.
To start trading, enter the amount you want to buy in the box, enter a message for the seller, and then click the send transaction request button to start the transaction. When you click the button, make sure you are ready to pay, and if you dont pay before the payment window expires, the transaction will be cancelled automatically.



After payment, click mark payment as the completion button. After the trader verifies that your payment has been received, the bitcoin will be released from the escrow and immediately appear in your Bit-Z wallet.
Thats it. Congratulations on your first bitcoin transaction!