Dear traders,

With the recent BitZ community comments and suggestions as well as considering the business direction of BitZ, we launched a brand new voting program that enables our community traders to vote for their favorite cryptocurrency to be listed on BitZ.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Vote for new currency launch

All BitZ Community users are eligible to participate in the new cryptocurrency launch process by simply voting for the cryptocurrency they support. 

If you are a trader of the BitZ community

BitZ airdroped VTC for all members who supported BitZ. Votecoin(VTC)& first round of airdrops

We distributed airdrop of VTC to all traders who support the BitZ community.

You can log in BitZ official website, enter the voting list, and vote to support your favorite cryptocurrency. Your favorite cryptocurrency will be listed on our exchange if it obtains enough votes.

For Example: BTC trading area launch ETH

Target Votes:1,000,000VTC


Returned:200VTC one traders(Be return at the end of the project)

Vote limit:Between 1VTC to 200VTC

If the project has a final vote of 2,000,000VTC, you support 200VTC for the project will be refunded at the end of the project is 200VTC & 0.1ETH (Returned + (Voted/Target Votes) * Bonus);

If the final number of votes for the project is 800,000VTC, your VTC will be fully returned as the item has not reached the launch number of votes.

If you have not joined the BitZ community yet

You can sign up as a member of the BitZ community and we bring benefits of 5,000,000 VTC airdrops (50VTC for each Google authentication registered accounts) for all new members of the BitZ community start at December 18, 2017. Please keep an eye on it. Sign-up

If you are a member of a new cryptocurrency team

You can fill in the digital application form and it will be reviewed by our business development team to assess the qualification. Once it gets enough votes, we will process to list it on our exchange. Application Form

BitZ is committed to providing global users with best integrated digital asset trading services. We support all potential digital asset development and we are willing to give the voting rights back to the market and our community traders.

Thanks for your support for BitZ!

BitZ team

December 16, 2017

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