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1World(1WO) vote is open.  Voting entrance   About voting

Voting bonus: 25,000 1WO

Start time: 15:00,February 28, 2018 (UTC/GMT+08:00).

End time: 15:00, March 7, 2018 (UTC/GMT+08:00).

Hope you will enjoy it!

Voting rules

Return: 200 VTC one trader at most.

Limit: Between 1 VTC to 200 VTC.

Target Votes : 1,000,000 VTC.

Voting Instructions

At the end of the voting period, 1World(1WO) will be launched on BitZ if the vote number reaches our target, 1,000,000 VTC.

Total refundable reward: Your Vote Number + (Your Vote Number / Total Vote Number) * Total Voting Reward.

If the target is not reached, the VTC will be returned in full without any additional reward.

Please complete your Level 3 verification in order to get your reward successfully.

As always, BitZ reserves the right to final interpretation.

About 1World(1WO)

1World Online is a Silicon Valley company headquartered and operating in San Jose, California since 2012 with a mission to build a global software platform to supplement online content with interactive tools (such as Polls, Surveys, Quizzes, Insights pages, Interactive Maps and other formats) that help answer the question ​ “What Do People Really Think?” This is done via contextual, relevant, organic, and highly engaging data collection with analytical insights ​on​ ​site​ ​and​ ​across​ ​network​ ​of​ ​participating​ ​sites. Since its start in 2012, 1World has built and delivered a robust and comprehensive interactive platform that includes front-end ​tools, a ​back-end ​dashboard of analytics, and a ​network ​of participating publishers around the world.


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February 27, 2018