Dear users,

Recently, a number of members recommended us GXS on Twitter and Facebook. After technical validation and testing, we have launched GXS depositing, withdrawing and transaction services and received positive responses from the market.

Depositing and withdrawing GXS should strictly comply with the platform requirements, or it may cause the danger of irretrievable property loss.

Bit-z is honored to witness the growth of GXS and pleased to announce that we will charge NO FEE for the GXS-to-Bitcoin transactions from the date of the announcement is published until October 1st 2017.

Powered by the Blockchain technology, GXS builds a peer-to-peer transaction scenario for all traders with no third party involved in the process of transactions. Thanks to the publicity of Blockchain-based transaction records, each individual transaction can be traced. Meanwhile, in response to security demands of data transactions and privacy requirements of traders, GXS provides mutual anonymous Blockchain-bookkeeping for every user (optional).

Using the PoCS, (Proof of Credit Share), originated by GXS, transactions between alliance members of significantly different magnitudes can be perfectly executed. DPO (Digital Proof of Ownership) is applied by GXS blockchain as technological control means to authenticate the copyright of the special asset - data. Once a data transaction smart contract becomes effective, a permanent certificate is added to the code concurrently to authenticate the data producer to whom all future earnings from the data assets are belonged, that means tracing and authenticating are both guaranteed. GXS is not only committed to solve the pain point of the financial industry to access to personal data but also to protect personal privacy, without a personal permission, no institution or individual can get access to personal data.

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