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Countless people around the world have been crazy since BTC was invented, and its market capitalization has now surpassed 10 billion dollars. BTC network has done billions of transactions. After a three-year controversy for expansion, blocking the development of BTC, many geeks in the community are determined to inject new impetus into this and gain the support of many community leaders.

If you are not sure how to handle the forks, transfer BTC to your BitZ account and BitZ handles all the technical issues that during the forking.

Possible Bifurcation in December (Updated)


Block Height 498533 (2017-12-11) Bitcoin Platinum. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 498888 (2017-12-13) Super Bitcoin, total 21.21 million. (Released)

Block Height 498888 (2017-12-13) Bitcoin X, total 2 hundred million. (Released)

Block Height 499345 (2017-12-15) Bitcoin X, total 2 hundred million. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 499777 (2017-12-17) Bitcoin World, total 2 hundred million. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 499999 (2017-12-19) Lightning BTC, total 21 million. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 499999 (2017-12-19) BTC King, total 21 million. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 500000 (2017-12-19) BTP, total 21 million. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 500000 (2017-12-19) Bitcoin Faith, total 21 million. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 501225 (2017-12-25) Bitcoin GOD, total 21 million. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 501407(2018-1-2)Bitcoin Cash Plus.(Snapshoted)

Block Height 501451(2018-1-2)SegWit2x.(Snapshoted)

Block Height 505050(2018-1-20)Bitvote.(Released)


Block Height 4730999 ETF Ethereum Fog.(Released)

Block Height 4733333 EMO. (Snapshoted)


Block Height 1338540(2017-12-25)LCH. (Snapshoted)

Block Height 1343999(2017-12-28)SLTC.(Snapshoted)

Block Height 1359668(2018-1-15)LTS.(Snapshoted)

According to the possible bifurcation in December, BitZ will use the following bifurcation currency inclusion rules.

1. Fully formed consensus code.

2. Implemented replay protection.

3. Conduct adequate code testing and review, with a code developer of the name.

4. Stable block and the block network stability.

5. Do not need paid.

6. Have a fixed R & D team and long-term planning.

Have to be aware

1. Distributing bifurcated currency does not mean that BitZ will launch.

2. Bifurcating currency or the existence of the team are unable to complete the research and development goals of the risk.

3. BitZ does not promise bifurcate team or guarantee the team's ability or the circulation of credit and dividends.

4. Forked currency may have block instability, vulnerable to attack or even the value of zero risk and other issues, please be careful involved.

BitZ is committed to providing global users with best integrated digital asset trading services. We support all mainstream BTC development and we are willing to give the options back to the market and our community traders.

BitZ will take a snapshot of the asset at a predetermined block height, but does not promise immediate release until the rules above apply.

Thanks for your support for BitZ !

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December 10, 2017